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What does IQ mean to you figure?

  • over 140 - You are geniuses! Run into Mensa, you are absolute prerequisites for creative activity.
  • 120-140 - You are highly intelligent! You'll be successful people.
  • 110-120 - You are slightly above average intelligence. At high industrious you can be successful.
  • 90-100 - You are one of the vast majority. Applying search mainly in central roles.
  • 80-90 - You are slightly under-intelligent. You apply mainly in manual occupations.
  • under 80 - Not much rather have it anymore. Be happy for elementary school.

What is the IQ test and how?

Intelligence is the ability to address emerging and difficult situations through experience, the correct identification of context and adaptation. Its value is IQ, or intelligence coefficient, which indicates the relative level of human intelligence in comparison with others. In children, measured as the ratio of the estimated mental age to their calendar age, based on what role the children are able to handle a given age. In adults, measured by IQ, depending on the level of intelligence of the individuals when compared with the average population.

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